Traditional Gold Jewellery of Petchaburi

Traditional Gold Jewellery of Petchaburi
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g002Phetchaburi Province boasts a variety of famous artists and craftsmen in many branches of arts–mural painting, architectural decorative moulding, carving etc. The master craftsmen from Phetchaburi left a rich legacy of arts and craft works to the nation, particularly in the traditional gold jewellery making, which has brought fame to the province and is generally hailed as one of the most beautifully intricate handicrafts and a testimony to the intellectual heritage and skill of the Phetchaburi’s goldsmiths.

The goldsmith’s craft is passed on within the family and sometimes to outsiders who adore the goldsmith’s art. The first famous goldsmith from Phetchaburi whose name appeared on recorded history was Mr. Huan Tanwanna. After him, other famous goldsmith families followed: Suwannachang, Thongsamrit, and Chubodin families, for example. These goldsmith families passed on their knowledge and skill to the family’s younger members and the apprentices, most of whom have passed away, while the remaining ones are old and in poor health and have therefore quitted the profession. Today Mrs. Nueang Faengsikham of the Chubodin family is the only one who continues to work as a goldsmith.

The principal characteristic of the Chubodin family’s gold jewellery is the well-balanced combination of craftsmanship and art, created from knowledge, skill and love for the art. Each piece is unique, intricately crafted, and creatively designed to evoke deep appreciation.



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