Aranyik Knife

Aranyik Knife
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ar004 Aranyik knives are made of steel rod that has been beaten and tempered until it achieves an even consistency and hardness. The blade is thin and sharp but does not break and chip easily.

ar006The production source is in Ban Ton Pho Village and Ban Phai Nong Village in Aranyik Sub-district, Nakhon Luang District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. The production process begins by the selection of steel rod of a proper size, which is cut into the desired length, heated and hammered into shape before it is heated again and beaten again to forge a sharp edge. After this it is heat again before it is fixed with a handle in the last stage of the process.

Forging a blade is not a complicated work, but the cutlers must be skilled craftsmen and must work in collaboration with others. For example, the forgers must hammer in the same rhythm and they must coordinate their hammer strokes. They must know exactly where to beat in order to forge a knife of a particular shape. They must listen to the sound signal from the person who holds the tongs or pincers, who is called the “Na Tao” (“fire-front”) person and who must have excellent knowledge and skill in knife-making.

The Arayik knives are appreciated nationwide because of its high-quality and craftsmanship.



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