Text on Thai Cats

Text on Thai Cats
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The text on Thai cats - Tamra Maeo Thai - - describes the characteristics of various types of Thai cats. It was originally written on Thai Khoi leaf manuscripts and was later published with appendices containing verses and illustrations. The text describes, according to the old beliefs, the 17 types of cats with positive characteristics or the auspicious cats and 6 types of cats with negative characteristics or the inauspicious cats.


The 17 types of the auspicious cats with good characteristics are: Ninlarat1, Wilat, Supphalak, Kao Taem, Malet2, Saem Sawet, Rattana Kamphon3, Wichian Mat4, Ninla-chak, Mulila5, Krop Waen, Pat Sawet6, Krachok, Sing-hasep, Karawek, Chatubot7, and Koncha8.

The 6 types of inauspicious cats with bad characteristics are: Thupphonla-phet, Phan Phayak, Pisat, Hinna-thot, Kop Ploeng, and Nep Saniat.

The auspicious type of cat such as Wichian Mat - this type of cat has clear blue eyes and off-white coat with black dabs of fur on 9 parts of the body - its face, tail, four feet, both ears, and genital. It is believed that it will bring good fortune to the owner.

The inauspicious type of cat such as Thupphonlaphet - this type of cat has off-white coat, crooked tail and red eyes and habitually steals things. It is believed that it will bring misfortune to the owner.


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